Our Practice

The surgery has the latest equipment, using only proven materials and techniques.

For your safety we follow strict infection control guidelines recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council.

All items used during your visit are either disposable or are ultrasonically cleaned before sterilising by the autoclaving method (steam under pressure).

Items that are routinely autoclaved include all handpiece drills, hand instruments, high velocity suction tips, triple syringe nozzles and ultrasonic instruments. Other items such as operating gloves, needles, local anaesthetic cartridges, plastic cups, etc are all disposed of after each patient's visit.

These measures are costly – in terms of labour, materials, maintenance and the tremendous increase in wear and tear, particularly of the sophisticated fibre-optic handpiece drills and ultrasonic instruments – but are an absolutely necessary part of our commitment to your well-being.

Meet Dr Steven Brandson & the Exceldent team

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